Wefa is a world with four continents, a colorful ocean, and a drunk sailor on the island of Tranela.

Agueno, the southernmost continent, is more of an archipellago than a continent, with 732 different islands, which are about 5 miles apart from each other. The biggest island, Saraphine, is in the middle. It is about 50 miles across at it’s widest, and is home to a jungle and Saphi, the capitol of Aquana, the country that claims this continent.

More info on continents coming soon.

You can play here (It will be easier if you make an account, but it is not required. If there is a problem with the website, we can switch over the play to the forums)

Starting equipment: An empty gallon of rum, a map, a compass that you reckon points SE instead of N, a few planks of wood from when you “docked” at some jagged rocks, a moldy cheese sandwhich, a ‘Buy 2 gallons get one free’ card for the Swaddler’s Pub in Trenela (Ooh! it has two holes punched out), and whatever weapons/armor is likely for a first level party (No magic items yet >:D ).

The 4 continents are Agueno, Tarenn, Vyra, and Aerit. (I do not play Final Fantasy. What a silly idea!) Choose you continent of origin and I will tell you the main country on it. You can read it for Agueno, I will type the 3 others later.

You can go here for your char sheet, but make sure to put in your nationality.

Wefa- Land of 4